“Worship is first and foremost for His benefit, not ours, though it is marvelous to discover that in giving Him pleasure, we ourselves enter into what can become our richest and most wholesome experience in life.”
~ Graham Kendrick


A vital part of the Christian life is to worship God – privately and together with other believers. Hopefully, our corporate worship services are seeker friendly; not because we seek Him but because He seeks us! (John 4:23) When we gather on Sundays to give Him worship and praise, it is sort of like a Dress Rehearsal for what we will do in heaven! (Revelation 4:8) During our times of worship it is our hope and desire that God will be the focus of all we do and that He will receive the glory He deserves.



At GraceLife Baptist Church, our worship style could be referred to as “blended”. We sing some songs that are old and others that are new; some that are contemporary and some that are traditional. The most important thing is for worshipers to attend the services with an attitude of “What can I give God today?” instead of “What can God give me today?”. With Jesus at the center of our attention, what we sing doesn’t matter nearly as much as the heart with which we sing.