Prayer Opportunities

In a church the size of GraceLife, it can be difficult to keep up with the needs of the other members of the Body. That is why we have an email system that helps us distribute prayer requests we receive to a number of people who are committed to praying for them.

How does it work?

By signing up below to receive our updates, you will automatically recieve an email from with new requests as we receive them. If the request is not extremely time-sensitive, an email of the request should be in your inbox first thing the following morning. If, however, the submitted request is more urgent, you should receive that email shortly after we receive the request, regardless of the time of day.

The emails you will receive will only contain the new requests for the day, as well as any updates the church office may have received about previous requests.

These emails will come through MailChimp, just like GRACEmail. This is a separate mailing list, so even if you receive those emails, you will need to sign up to receive the prayer updates.

We also have in-person prayer gatherings that meet throughout the week. The following days and times are where we meet to pray.
Sunday at 9:00am – Room 102 
Wednesday at 9:30am – Room 106 (Women Only)
Wednesday at 6:00pm – Outside Kitchen (Men Only)

How do I sign up?

Visit this page for the signup form. Once you give us your information, you will begin receiving emails as early as the following day.

How does the church receive the requests?

The prayer requests you will receive will come through a number of different avenues. Some may be as individuals contact the church staff or office to let us know of a need. Others may come through a Connection Card that is filled out during a Sunday service. Still others may come through our online submission form, which can be found by clicking here.

*Please Note: Due to the extremely public nature of the internet, prayer requests will only be distributed if we have the express consent of the individual(s) involved. If the person has not told us that this information is allowed to be publicized, we will not send it out.

Will I get an email every day?

You will only receive an email if we have received a new prayer request the previous day. No email = no new prayer requests.