New Life! In Christ: The Greater Reign of Grace and Life

Sin is great, but grace is bigger. In part two of this two part sermon, Pastor Tim shows the good news of grace and life that comes when we go from being “in Adam” to being “in Christ”. This sermon from Romans 5 will be sure to encourage Christians to live in the new life that Jesus offers us.

Reset: First Things First

As we explore the concept of resetting our spiritual lives, it’s important to examine what the Bible lists as priorities for the Christian. Pastor Tim helps us see what Jesus puts first to encourage us to have right priorities in the new year.

Why Christmas Never Ends

After the Christmas season passes, many of us are left wondering if that’s all there was. We long for more. In this sermon from Matthew 1, Pastor Tim shows us that Christmas doesn’t end with Christmas.

Watch Services

Coming Soon: Soon you’ll be able to watch our services live here on Sundays at 10:45am. If you’re here, and there are no live services, feel free to view previous sermons using the links below the video screen. *Note: It may take a little time for the...

Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the web home for GraceLife Baptist Church in Christiansburg, VA. We have recently relocated to 1640 Peppers Ferry Road, and are all set for our first service in our new location on Sunday, April 3!   Look around to find the information you may need to...

The Wisdom Test

As we continue looking at Great Things He Has Taught Us…, examine your life to see if it is characterized by the godly wisdom He desires to teach you. This message is from James 3:13-18 and was preached by Sean Couch, our Pastoral Assistant. Date: February 6,...