Faithful to the Vision

As we prepare for our 2012-2013 Capital Stewardship Campaign, we need to focus on the vision God has given us for who we are to be. Find out more in this message that begins our Find Us Faithful series.

Learning to Live a Pure Life

Our society has corrupted the way we think about purity. Learn how to live the pure life God intended in this message from 1 Corinthians 6:16-20 ***Parents: Please note that this message may contain sensitive material that may not be appropriate for younger audiences.***

Praying for the Election

Presidential elections bring up a number of sentiments. Learn how to pray for this November’s election as Pastor Tim explains the importance of interceding for our nation and our leaders at this time.

Staying Safe from Infidelity

Without God’s help, any family is susceptible to an affair. Learn practical, godly advice on affair-proofing your marriage in this final message from our Family Matters series.