Godly Living in the Age of Rage

Recent events in our nation and around the world have highlighted that anger is a problem all around us. See what the Bible says about our anger and how to handle it God’s way.

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When Life is Less Than Perfect

If you’ve lived life very long, you’ve discovered that often times, life is far from perfect. How do Christians respond when things aren’t going their way? Listen as Pastor Tim shows us some things in Peter’s life from Luke 5 that will set us up to react well when life is less than perfect.

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Serving Others to Jesus

What is servanthood evangelism and how does it open the door to share Jesus with people? In this sermon from John 13, Pastor Tim shows how Jesus set the example for us to follow.

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The Cure for Ineffective Christianity

In this sermon from 2 Peter 1, Pastor Jonathan shows how to stop living an ineffective Christian life and unleash the power of God to live the way Jesus calls us to.

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God’s Way to Wealth and Riches

There is a clear path that God lays out for His people to find true wealth. In this sermon from Psalm 66, Pastor Tim shows us how to get to a place of abundance and what it looks like when you get there.

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Real Family – Real Love

In this sermon from 1 John 3, Pastor Tim shows us the importance of love in sharing the Gospel with people who don’t know Jesus.

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Share the One: Love With No Boundaries, Part Two

In this wrap up to our sermon on The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:24-37), Pastor Tim shows us the three keys to successful “neighboring” as we seek to share the good news of Jesus with others.

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Share the One: Love With No Boundaries, Part One

In part one of this two part sermon, Pastor Tim looks at the familiar story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:24-27) as part of our emphasis to “Share the One”. We see the personal command as well as the practical compassion of neighborly love.

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New Life! In Christ: Our Ultimate Conviction

The conviction that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Jesus will lead us to thanksgiving to God and a testimony to others. Pastor Tim wraps up our “New Life! In Christ” series with a look at Romans 8:38-39.

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New Life! In Christ: Confident Conquerors

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” These words give encouragement to the believer that no matter what stands against us, God stands for us. This sermon from Romans 8:31-37 examines the reality that, in Christ, believers are more than conquerors.

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Radiate: A Case Study of the Life of Peter

This weekend we jump into our Student Ministry series, Radiate, where our Student Pastor, Jonathan Couch, shares with us some examples in the life of Peter of how to shine the light of Jesus through our lives.

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Five Life Changing Words

“Here I am, send me” were life changing words for Isaiah to speak to God. In this sermon from Isaiah 6, Pastor Sean shows how those same words can have an impact on our world today.

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New Life! In Christ: The Unbreakable Chain of Eternal Security, Part Two

In this second message of the two part sermon on Eternal Security, Pastor Tim continues in Romans 8:29-30 to show us the importance of God’s work beginning with our salvation and carrying through to our glorification.

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New Life! In Christ: The Unbreakable Chain of Eternal Security, Part One

The doctrine of Eternal Security is one of the most freeing and empowering teachings in Scripture. In part one of this two part sermon, Pastor Tim examines Romans 8:29-30 and shows how foreknowledge and predestination are key to understanding Eternal Security for the believer.

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New Life! In Christ: Holding On To Hope

In the Bible, hope is never uncertain. Biblical hope is confident of a certain future. This sermon from Pastor Tim shows us the future outcome of all of our suffering.

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The Prodigals and Their Loving Father

Repentance in always possible or those who want to return to God. Listen to this sermon from Pastor Sean from Luke 15 and be encouraged with the love of God for His children.

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New Life! In Christ: The Holy Spirit and His Children

The Christian life is more than rules, formulas, copying the latest “Christian” trend, or chasing an emotional experience. In this sermon from Romans 8:5-17, Pastor Tim shows us the importance of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian.

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New Life! In Christ: A Resurrection Empowered Life

In this Easter message from Romans 8:5-15, Pastor Tim shows how the resurrection of Jesus gives Christians power that leads to life change.

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New Life! In Christ: Free From the Law of Sin

In this sermon from Romans 8:1-4, Pastor Tim helps us understand the limit of sin for people who follow Jesus.

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The Effective Church Lives for Today but Lives for Tomorrow

In this sermon from 1 Thessalonians 1:2-10, Pastor Sean takes a look at three characteristics of an effective church that can live for today because its hope is in the future.

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