Beating the Holiday Blues

For many people, the period of time from Thanksgiving to Christmas is one of the most depressing times of the year. In this sermon from Matthew 2, Pastor Tim helps us understand and cope with what is often a very difficult time and teaches us how to handle other difficult times as well.

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One Pursuit: Soil That Bears Fruit Part 2

Understanding that the condition of the “soil” of our heart determines our response to the Word of God, how do we make sure our hearts are prepared for God to work in them? In this follow up sermon, Pastor Tim teaches us how to have hearts ready for revival.

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One Pursuit: Soil That Bears Fruit Part 1

In order for revival to have a lasting impact on our lives, God’s Word has to find us in a receptive place. Pastor Tim explains the Parable of the Sower and shows how the condition of our heart determines our reception to revival.

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One Pursuit: The Spark that Ignites Revival

In this special message, James and Tammy Lollar share a testimony of how God worked in their marriage through a special revival conference. After their testimony Pastor Tim shares about the importance of humility in God bringing revival into a Christian’s life.

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One Pursuit: No Imitations

In a world full of fakes and imitations, Christians can’t settle for anything less than genuine encounters with God in revival. This sermon from 2 Chronicles 7 and Psalm 85 explore some elements of meeting God in revival.

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One Pursuit: An Atmosphere of Genuine Revival

Revival isn’t just an emotional event, but a life bringing encounter with Jesus. In this sermon from Nehemiah 8, Pastor Tim explores some characteristics of genuine revival.

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The Truth About Following Jesus

Many Christians treat following Jesus as something they can do on their own terms, but truly following Jesus means making major adjustments and receiving a great reward.

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Choosing Godly Leaders

With a historic presidential election soon to come and increasing moral depravity in our nation, Christians’ commitment to choosing Godly leaders is more important than ever. These timely words from Proverbs 16 will challenge and encourage you, as well as give you some practical wisdom.

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Lessons Learned Under the Tree

Listen as Randy Aldridge shares his testimony of God speaking through a life changing accident and what God has to say about difficulties in our lives from 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.

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Sharing Jesus Without Fear

Most Christians know that they need to be people who share about their faith in Jesus with others, but many are reluctant to do so or feel unequipped. In this sermon Pastor Tim challenges us and shows how we already have everything we need to share Jesus without fear.

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The Assault of Evil and the Goodness of God

On the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Pastor Tim helps us understand the problem of evil and what God says about it.

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God’s Wisdom for Your Work

Whether you’re a full time employee, a student, a stay at home mom, or a retiree, God has something to say about the place work has in a Christian’s life. Listen to this message from Pastor Tim and the wisdom of Proverbs to understand the importance of work.

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Get Connected

In this sermon from John 15, Pastor Tim shows us the importance of being connected with the person of Christ, the people of Christ, and the purpose of Christ. For more information about getting connected at GraceLife, visit

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When Sinners Become Saints

There are some wonderful realities about who Christians are in Christ that make a significant difference in how we live. This sermon from 1 Corinthians 1 helps us understand some of those realities and apply them to our lives.

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Spiritual Birthmarks

Just like we share certain characteristics of our biological parents, children of God will be known by certain characteristics they share with Him. This sermon from 1 John 5 shows three ways Christians should look like their Heavenly Father.

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Life’s Difficult Detours

Our lives are full of detours that God sends us on in order to accomplish His purposes for our lives and those around us. In this sermon from Exodus 13-17, Pastor Tim looks at a detour God’s people in the Old Testament were on and how it relates to us today.

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The Extravagant Riches of God’s Grace – Part II

In the conclusion to this two part sermon from Ephesians 1 & 2, Pastor Tim gives us a few more practical things that God’s grace does for us.

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The Extravagant Riches of God’s Grace – Part I

God’s grace gives us far more than we deserve or often expect. In part one of a two part sermon from Ephesians 2, Pastor Tim unpacks three things that grace does for us.

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When the Foundations Fail

What are Christians supposed to do when it feels like things in our lives, our families, or our world are falling apart? This timely message from Psalm 11 gives us four keys to handling those difficult times.

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Loving Others Well

In the follow up to his sermon, The Only Cure, Pastor Tim gives Christians practical advice for loving others in a counter-cultural way. Loving Others Well is a very fitting sermon for our day.

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