New Life! In Christ: A Good Ending to a Bad Marriage

The Bible uses many different metaphors for the change that happens when someone becomes a Christian. In this sermon from Romans 7:1-6, Pastor Tim shows us the difference between our old marriage to sin and our new marriage to Christ.

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Everyday Christianity: Generous Living

As Christ-followers our Christianity should influence everyday decisions in our lives. In this sermon from Romans 12:13 our Student Pastor, Jonathan Couch, explores two concepts critical to our relationships with one another.

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New Life! In Christ: The Great Grace Liberation

In this sermon from Romans 6:15-23, Pastor Tim explains the importance of sanctification and the effect that has on our choices.

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Real Fellowship

Genuine fellowship is critical in the life of a Christ-follower. In this message, Pastor Sean shows us the importance of real fellowship and how to work toward it.

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New Life! In Christ: Why Sin Doesn’t Win Part II

In this followup sermon to last week’s message about our death and burial to sin, this week’s message shows us the freedom we have from sin’s power and the choice we have to make with regard to sin. Titled, “Our Strength for the Struggle”, this sermon is sure to be an encouragement to anyone longing to be free from sin’s power.

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New Life! In Christ: Why Sin Doesn’t Win Part I

In this sermon from Romans 6:1-7 we see the reality of our spiritual death and burial to the power of sin.

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The All-Encompassing Sovereignty of God

There is no greater authority than God’s authority, and that changes everything about how we see our circumstances and situations. This sermon from Psalm 103 and 115 delves into this important topic and shows us God’s eternal love and mercy demonstrated through His sovereignty.

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New Life! In Christ: The Godless Reign of Sin and Death

In this message Pastor Tim shows the pervasiveness of sin and its effects on our lives. This message from Romans 5:12-14 helps us understand how greatly we needed a Savior. Stay tuned for week two of this two part sermon!

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New Life! In Christ: The Good News of God’s Great Love

The good news of the Gospel is put in perspective when we understand how desperately needy we are. In this sermon from Romans 5:6-11, Pastor Tim helps us see our need for a Savior and how Jesus offers us a gift better than we could ever deserve.

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New Life! In Christ: Our Permanent Possessions

Because of the work of Jesus on the cross, Christians are justified before God and enjoy the benefits of that new position both now and through eternity. In this sermon from Romans 5:1-5, Pastor Tim examines “Our Permanent Possessions”.

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New Life! In Christ: The Big Picture

In this first sermon from our new series, Pastor Tim uses Romans 5:1 to help us understand our need for new life in Christ and what difference that makes in our lives.

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Good News of Great Joy: It’s Good News for Everyone

The good news of the Christmas story isn’t just for a few people, but for everyone. In this New Year’s sermon, Pastor Tim shares how ordinary people are called to share the message of Jesus.

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Good News of Great Joy: A Birthday Like No Other!

What makes Jesus’ birth different than other births? This special Christmas message from Pastor Tim focuses on the birth of the Savior and how that impacts our lives.

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Good News of Great Joy: The Joy of Christmas

Christmas time is full of excitement and joy for many, but the real joy of Christmas outlasts the season. In this sermon Pastor Tim examines the joy of Christmas and how to choose joy in the midst of difficulty.

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Good News of Great Joy: This is the Good News!

Because of the good news of Christmas we don’t have to be afraid and we can rest in the sufficiency of our Savior who was born for US!

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Beating the Holiday Blues

For many people, the period of time from Thanksgiving to Christmas is one of the most depressing times of the year. In this sermon from Matthew 2, Pastor Tim helps us understand and cope with what is often a very difficult time and teaches us how to handle other difficult times as well.

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One Pursuit: Soil That Bears Fruit Part 2

Understanding that the condition of the “soil” of our heart determines our response to the Word of God, how do we make sure our hearts are prepared for God to work in them? In this follow up sermon, Pastor Tim teaches us how to have hearts ready for revival.

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One Pursuit: Soil That Bears Fruit Part 1

In order for revival to have a lasting impact on our lives, God’s Word has to find us in a receptive place. Pastor Tim explains the Parable of the Sower and shows how the condition of our heart determines our reception to revival.

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One Pursuit: The Spark that Ignites Revival

In this special message, James and Tammy Lollar share a testimony of how God worked in their marriage through a special revival conference. After their testimony Pastor Tim shares about the importance of humility in God bringing revival into a Christian’s life.

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One Pursuit: No Imitations

In a world full of fakes and imitations, Christians can’t settle for anything less than genuine encounters with God in revival. This sermon from 2 Chronicles 7 and Psalm 85 explore some elements of meeting God in revival.

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