We apologize for the long delay in posted updates!  Hopefully though, you have been present in our Sunday morning services when our pastor has shared with us the status of the Committee’s work.  We are thrilled to announce that we believe that the Lord has led us to the man of His choosing to be our next Associate Pastor.  On Sunday, October 2, you will be introduced to Sean Simonton and be able to share in the process of congregational affirmation of Sean and his call to GraceLife.  Please plan to be present in both morning and evening services that day.

We are re-opening the search for the Worship Pastor position.  After several months of evaluating resumes and interviewing candidates, we had come to a point where we believed we were close to filling this position.  But as is sometimes the case, the Lord had other plans.  So, please join with us in praying faithfully that the Lord will continue to give us His direction and lead us to the person He desires in His perfect timing.