Only a few days left until we’re on the road to Passion 2012!!! I hope you’re already praying about what God wants to do in you through this next week. I spent some time praying for each of you by name and I know that God is up to something awesome in every one of you. I can’t wait to see the fruit from next week!

Departure and Trip Info

Let’s plan to meet at GraceLife Baptist Church (1640 Peppers Ferry Rd, Christiansburg) Monday morning at 8:00am. I know this will be early for some of us (especially me!), but I think it’s better for us to get on the road soon and have time to get settled in Atlanta before the events kick up that evening. We’ll plan to make a lunch stop at a fast food place on the road and then we’ll get dinner before the conference downtown.

Traveling will happen in three vehicles. Jonathan will be driving his truck with most of the luggage in the back, Beth will be driving a white conversion van on loan from the Hights, and Shantel will be driving her car. Once we get to Atlanta and check in to the hotel we shouldn’t have to drive since food and the Dome are all within walking distance from the hotel.

Packing List

Try to pack light since we have 15 people going on this trip and limited space for luggage. We’re only gone for four days, so think through what you’re packing (I always overpack!) You’re all adults but I wanted to give you an idea of what to bring. Feel free to add or edit as you see fit…

  • Bible, journal, pen, etc. – God will most likely say and do a lot of cool things next week and you’ll want a way to remember it all when it’s over. Even if you’re not normally a notetaker, it’ll be worth grabbing a cheap notebook to jot stuff down in
  • Towel and Socks – Remember to bring a lightly used or new towel and a pack of socks for the donations to area shelters if possible.
  • Clothes – Sounds reasonable, right? Casual clothes will be fine for everything we’ll go to. We’ll be in the Dome for most things, but we will be walking to food and to and from the hotel. The weather will be in the 50s during the day and 30s at night, so a sweatshirt or a light jacket will be a good idea. Remember we’re representing Jesus, so dress appropriately 🙂
  • Sleeping Clothes – Remember to pack some comfortable stuff to sleep in that won’t freak your roommates out.
  • Shower and Hygiene Stuff – soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, hair dryer, etc.
  • Sleeping Bag – This is optional now since we’re in a hotel, but if you can’t stand the thought of sleeping in the same bed (or in some cases pull out sofa bed) as someone else, bring a sleeping bag for the floor. Same goes for a pillow. We’ll have pillows from the hotel but some people can’t live without their own pillow…
  • Money – You’ll only need to pay for some food (approximately 6-7 meals, we’ll try to find cheap!) but there will certainly be other things that you can use money for. There will be CDs, shirts, snacks, etc. as well as many opportunities to donate to different Passion causes along the way. Bring some cash with the intention of investing it in Kingdom work and let God decide how to use it!
  • Food – Pack some snacks, gum, etc. as well as some stuff for breakfast. I don’t think our hotel offers a continental breakfast, so pack some granola bars or pop tarts or something to eat in the mornings. I’m sure we can find somewhere to grab breakfast if you want to bring money for that as well.

More info about the conference is available at if you want to see schedule info or speaker/artist lineups.

I think that about does it. Feel free to call or text me (540-239-6084) if you have any questions!