Ministry Assistant Needed

Support to Pastoral and Administrative Staff

Job Description

HOURS: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM – 2-3 days per week (24 hours max.)  May require Sunday evenings in Axis (students) and Band rehearsals.


Primary function is to provide substantial support to pastoral and administrative staff in the areas of Worship, Communication, and Student Ministry. Additionally, the Ministry Assistant will serve as an office receptionist as needed. This individual will report directly to the Senior Pastor and/or Office Manager and any other assigned pastoral staff.


  • Must have and give evidence of a personal, growing relationship with Christ
  • Must be an active member of an evangelical church
  • Must be in agreement with the stated doctrinal positions of GraceLife Baptist Church and the Southern Baptist Convention statement of faith
  • Some work-related experience would be desirable but not required
  • Proficient typing with accuracy and has transcribing experience
  • Competence in the areas of computer graphics, social media, church-management software, church music software and publishing skills is essential (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, Planning Center, ProPresenter, Ableton, etc.).
  • Proficiency in the use of standard office equipment (computer, copier/printer, etc.)
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Have excellent command of English composition, punctuation, and verbal communication


  • Provide Administrative support for the following ministries: Worship and Student Ministry
  • Act as the church office receptionist directing phone calls, appointments, and guests throughout the church
  • Maintenance and organization of office reception area
  • Distribution and dissemination of regular mail, email, and correspondence
  • Weekly data entry
  • Routine filing of paperwork
  • Set up counseling meetings and other appointments
  • Maintain and update all standard forms and ministry literature
  • Processing and maintaining online databases, church guest files and information
  • Contacting, enlisting and coordinating church volunteers across ministry areas
  • Assisting staff with weekly projects and deadlines
  • Other office/administrative duties as assigned


  • Exhibits professionalism, demonstrated by well-groomed appearance, conscientious work ethic, teachability, and accountability
  • Capable and willing to work at a fast pace, within a variety of settings and circumstances, with composure and flexibility
  • Always maintains confidentiality
  • Exercises discernment and wise/good judgment
  • Gives careful attention to details, with an eye for excellence
  • Takes initiative to seek new information, training, and resources as needed
  • Capable of multi-tasking and prioritizing projects
  • Capable of working independently, with minimal instruction and supervision, and seeing tasks through to completion, in a timely manner

**All new employees will be subject to a 2-month probationary period and subsequent employee review by the Senior Pastor or his designee.

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We desire that all applicants feel comfortable in a Christian environment. All staff members should be comfortable with a lifestyle of prayer and worship that is integrated into day-to-day job functions. It is the policy of GraceLife BC to utilize only staff members who subscribe without reservation to the Baptist Faith and Message statement of Faith and who are living out these doctrines and standards in all areas of their lives, both in and away from ministry functions.

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