Your gift to Celebrate A New Beginning could come in a variety of ways:


Many of us will want to give a special offering by cash or check on Love Off ering Sunday, November 14. Cash or checks give us a high degree of control over our finances.

Faith Commitment

It may be God’s will for you to make a faith commitment for an amount to be given over the next year, trusting the Lord to enable you to fulfi ll it. Your faith commitment may be defi ned in terms of weekly or monthly amounts, or any other way you desire.

Gifts in Kind

Some members of the church family may wish to give tangible items. If possible, it is better for you to sell such items and give the proceeds to the church. Large items that may be liquidated immediately can be accepted by the church, but it is extremely difficult for us to handle smaller items.


If you wish to make a gift in the form of stock certificates, regulations require certain documentation. Your bank or broker can assist you in this transfer process.

Payment Breakdown

Your donations are very important to us, and if you have any questions or need assistance, please call the church office at (540) 382-2160.

One-Time Donation Weekly Donation Monthly Donation
$260 $5.00 $21.67
$520 $10.00 $43.33
$1,300 $25.00 $108.33
$2,600 $50.00 $216.67
$5,200 $100.00 $433.33
$10,400 $200.00 $866.67
$26,000 $500.00 $2,166.67
$52,000 $1,000.00 $4,333.33