Dear Church Family,

A new baby, a new house, a new marriage, a new job – we love to celebrate new beginnings! God is One who celebrates new things as well. He is the only One who can make “all things new”!

What an exciting new beginning is before us as a church! My own heart beats with a new joy every time I set foot on our Peppers Ferry property. Each visit causes me to anticipate a continuing outpouring of God’s grace and power as His vision is realized through His people. I believe that the opportunities for reaching people for Christ at this new location are unlimited, but only because our Lord is unlimited in His awesome power.

Our Celebrate a New Beginning love off ering will allow us to continue the process of relocation and add the “fi nishing touches” to our new multi-purpose facility. Love for the Lord Jesus must always be the primary motive of our giving. However, our love must extend to the world beyond the walls of the church so that they too may know of the Savior and His power to change lives.

I hope you will prayerfully join me and my family in this sacrifi cial commitment beyond our regular tithes and off erings. Together, our love off ering and year-long commitment will allow God’s vision to be realized and our church family to see Him do “above and beyond all  that we ask or imagine”. Knowing that it is not about the quantity of our gift , but the quality of our God, we can look eagerly and expectantly toward His provision for our future.

Thank you for your love for the Lord Jesus and for His blessed church. With Him, ALL things are possible!