You will need to fill out and return a medical form prior to the start of the year. Please do not sign unless you are in front of a notary. We have a notary available if you need someone. You can download the form here.

There is a fee to participate in Awana. This covers the cost of your child’s uniform, supplies for class and the awards they receive for reciting their verses. This fee covers the entire year! The form can be downloaded here.

The cost for the 2019-2020 year for each club is listed below:
BEES (2 year olds)
Uniform $7, Supplies $5
CUBBIES (3 and 4 year olds)
Uniform $12, Handbook $11, Awards $4
SPARKS (K-2 Grade)
Uniform $12, Handbook $11, Awards $4
T&T (3-6 Grade)
Uniform $16, Handbook $11, Awards $4