Jesus, Only Jesus: A Savior Full of Grace

From our 2014 Christmas series, hear how Jesus is a Savior that gives strengthening grace, saving grace, and sustaining grace to His people.

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Jesus, Only Jesus: A Birth Like No Other

The birth of Jesus Christ was completely unlike any other birth in history. Listen to Pastor Tim examine some of the unique aspects of our Savior’s birth.

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Keeping the Happy in Your Holidays

The holiday time can be stressful, even for Christians. Pastor Tim shares some wisdom from the Bible about keeping perspective through the business of the season.

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Heaven: Staying Focused on Heaven

The difficulties of life can distract us from the hope of Heaven. Pastor Tim preaches from 2 Peter 3 about some things that can help us stay focused on Heaven.

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Heaven: Your Home In Heaven

From Jesus’ words in John 14, Pastor Tim gives us some things to look forward to about Heaven.

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Heaven: Life in the New Jerusalem

In this sermon from Revelation 21 and 22, Pastor Tim gives us some insight into the new heaven and the new earth including what life will be like and who will be there.

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Heaven: Exciting Things About Heaven

Christians should get excited when we think and talk about Heaven. Pastor Tim preaches from Matthew 22 about some exciting things about Heaven.

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Heaven: A Glimpse Into the Glory of Heaven

Pastor Tim preaches from Revelation 4 to give us some insight into what makes Heaven so glorious.

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Heaven: Why Death Has No Sting

For believers in Jesus, Heaven is a reward to be longed for.

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Destination Paradise: The Trip of a Lifetime

When you’re going on a trip there are a few details you like to know ahead of time. Pastor Tim introduces our Heaven series by sharing some details about Heaven and how we get there.

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Making the Church Your Home

Does the church feel like home to you, or is it just another place you have to go or a thing you have to do? Listen as our Student Pastor, Jonathan Couch, talks through making the church your home.

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The Impossible Made Possible

The reality of what happens to Christians once they are saved is remarkable. Pastor Tim takes us from 2 Corinthians 5:17 to look at the miracle of our salvation.

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Living the Life of a “Repenting Repenter”

Repentance is not a one time action for the Christian at their salvation, it’s a continual process. In this sermon from 2 Corinthians 7, Pastor Tim helps us see the need for repentance in our lives.

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Making Right Decisions in Real Dilemmas

What do you do when you find yourself in a difficult situation? For Christians, it’s important that we learn to look to Jesus for help in these moments instead of relying on ourselves.

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Restoring Broken Relationships – Part 2

In this follow up to the morning’s sermon, Pastor Tim gives us practical wisdom from Scripture about being an agent of reconciliation.

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Restoring Broken Relationships – Part 1

When relationships go bad, it’s critical for Christians to make things right as quickly as possible. In this sermon from Matthew 5, Pastor Tim helps us see the need for reconciliation.

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What God Starts, He Finishes

Our spiritual growth is a lifelong process. Pastor Tim preaches from Philippians 1:6 to encourage us for those times when we feel it will never be complete.

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Take This Job and Love It!

Heading into Labor Day, Pastor Tim gives us some practical wisdom from Colossians 3 about how to work in a way that glorifies God.

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How to Get Away From a Spiritual “Pause”

We’ve all been in a seasons where we weren’t growing spiritually the way we knew God wanted us to. In this sermon from Hebrews 5, Pastor Tim helps us move out of those times to times of spiritual growth.

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Dealing with Depression

In the wake of Robin Williams’ suicide, Pastor Tim examines the issue of depression and gives biblical advice on how to handle it when it happens to you.

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