The Example of Elijah

In this second sermon from our series on Elijah, Pastor Tim goes deeper into the life of Elijah and how he serves as an example for our faith.

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Dry Brook University: Learning that God Cares

In this first sermon on the life and ministry of Elijah, Pastor Tim examines 1 Kings 17 and shows how Elijah’s experience drew him closer to God and prepared him for his future ministry.

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Our Most Important Book

The Bible is the most important and influential book ever written, yet many Christians only read it occasionally. Pastor Tim preaches from 2 Timothy 3:14-16 to help us see how critical the Scripture is in our lives.

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Giving the Gift of Encouragement

Using the example of Barnabas in Acts 4, Pastor Tim helps us see the importance of encouragement and how we can better encourage those around us.

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Showing The World We Belong To Jesus

There are many ways that Christians try to show the world that we follow Jesus. However, Jesus teaches us that there is one way that rises above all the others.

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Kissing the King

When the world seems to be out of control, there are some important things Christians should keep in mind. In this sermon from Psalm 2, Pastor Tim gives us some perspective on the world around us.

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Navigating the Cultural Chaos

In this message from Hebrews 13, Pastor Tim helps Christians understand how we can live in a way that points people to Jesus.

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Reach Them Now: Zimbabwe Team Report June 2015

Members of a recent mission team to Zimbabwe report about what God did during their time with the Ndau.

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Prayer: A First Priority

David Andersen of the Capitol Commission preaches on the importance of Christians praying for our leaders and for each other.

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Courageous Men

In this Father’s Day sermon, Pastor Tim uses the example of Peter and John from Acts 4 to help us all become more courageous.

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A Dead Girl and a Sick Woman

In this sermon from our Associate Pastor, Gary Long, we examine Mark 5:22-43 and see how Jesus cares about us in our sickness and difficulty.

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Christ in You: the Hope of Glory

Guest speaker Joe Greene preaches from Colossians 1:27.

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The Three People in Every Church

Every church is comprised of three types of people. Pastor Tim examines these three types of people and helps us see which one we are.

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Woodshed Discipleship

God’s discipline is something that every genuine Christian experiences. Pastor Tim shows us some important truths from Hebrews 12 about discipline.

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Dealing with Debt

Debt is a big issue in our society, our families, and our churches. In this sermon from Romans 13, Pastor Tim gives us some practical instruction regarding debt.

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Bound to Christ: Why He Never Lets Go

Satan attempts to discourage Christians through accusations. In these times it’s important remember that we’re eternally bound to Jesus.

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Christian Celebrity and the Ugliness of Sin

Being a Christian doesn’t mean you’re immune from temptation. In some regards, the more you mature, the greater the temptation becomes. In this sermon from 2 Samuel, Pastor Tim gives a picture of sin in the life of a believer.

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Becoming a Disciple Maker

As Christians we know that Jesus calls us to make disciples, but few of us do. In this sermon our Student Pastor, Jonathan Couch, examines some reasons why that may be and what we can do to change that.

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A Mother of Great Faith

In this Mother’s Day sermon, Pastor Tim examines the faith of a mother in Matthew 15 to challenge all of us to greater faith.

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Our War Against Worry

Worry robs us of the joy that Jesus wants to be evident in the life of a Christian. Pastor Tim uses Jesus’ teaching from Matthew 6 to help us learn how to be free from worry.

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