The Miracles That Matter

In a day where many people are interested in miracles, Pastor Tim preaches from Acts 3 and 4 about the miracle of salvation.

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The Beautiful Bride of Christ

The church is important to Jesus and should be important to the individual Christian. This message helps us gain perspective on the church.

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The Greatest Freedom of All

As we celebrate America’s independence, our focus turns to our spiritual freedom – The Greatest Freedom of All!

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Will My Prayers Get Answered?

Everyone wants to know how to pray in such a way as to get answers. Pastor Tim teaches us how in this message.

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Gospel “Sticker Shock”

The cost of being a disciple of Jesus is high. In this sermon, Pastor Tim explores different levels of spiritual commitment and how to be a true follower of Christ.

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Man Up – God’s Way!

In this Father’s Day sermon, Pastor Tim shows us what it means to be a man according to the Bible.

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Because Jesus Prayed

Have you ever thought about Jesus’ prayer life? Pastor Gary Long preaches about prayer from the life of Jesus.

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The Blessings of Belonging

Our Minister to Students, Jonathan Couch, preaches from Ephesians 1:3-14 about the spiritual blessings Christians have in Jesus.

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Don’t Be a Forgetful Hearer

It’s not enough to hear from God, but we have to put what we hear into practice. In this sermon from James 1:21-25, Pastor Tim shows us four steps to take when applying truth from God.

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Prayer That Pleases God

In this sermon from Colossians 1, Pastor Tim examines five characteristics of prayer that please God.

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The Darkness Before the Dawn

As Christians we will often go through times of difficulty and discouragement. Here are three lessons from Judges 6 that help shed some light on how we should respond during those times.

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The Great Giver of Good Gifts

God’s invitation for His children to pray to him comes with a strong promise – that He will answer! Follow along with this sermon from Matthew 7:7-11 as we introduce our summer prayer emphasis!

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Giving Away a Lasting Faith

In this Mother’s Day sermon, Pastor Tim looks at the life of Timothy and the role his mother and grandmother played in giving their faith away to him.

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Gospel Ambassadors

What does it mean to be an ambassador for Jesus in the world we live in? Listen to this sermon from 2 Corinthians 5:20 to understand.

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Lessons from the Cross: My Savior Lives

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most important event in human history. In this Easter sermon, Pastor Tim shows us three aspects of Jesus as Savior from 1 Corinthians 15:3-8.

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Lessons from the Cross: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

As we look toward the crucifixion of Jesus, it’s important to understand the purpose of Jesus’ death.

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Lessons from the Cross: The God of the Last Chance

The scene of the crucifixion of Jesus gives a glimpse into a great truth about salvation.

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The Treasure of Christ

Guest speaker Pastor Jeff Noble delivers a powerful message from Matthew 13:44.

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Lessons from the Cross: Famous Last Words

The words of people at the Cross say a lot about how they viewed Jesus. What can we learn from these famous last words recorded in Mark 15?

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Seeing Christ from the Cross

Using 2 Corinthians 5:21 as a springboard, Pastor Tim shows us three important aspects of Jesus we see through the events of the Cross.

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