The Unsurpassed Power of a Forgiving Spirit

Forgiveness is something we’re often quick to receive from God but reluctant to give to others. In this sermon from Mathew 18:21-35, Pastor Tim shows us some characters of true forgiveness.

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Walking with God and Loving It

Our relationship with Jesus is meant to be enjoyed! Pastor Tim preaches from 1 Peter 1:3-8 to help us discover joy in our walk with God.

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Jonah: A Sad Ending with a Serious Lesson

Pastor Tim wraps up our Jonah series with some lessons from how Jonah finishes his experience and some lessons we can take away.

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Knowing the Will of God: Making the Hard Choices

Knowing and doing the will of God require us to make some tough decisions. Pastor Tim gives us five questions to ask to evaluate things in our lives to see if they line up with the will of God.

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Jonah: Obedience Brings Blessing

In this third sermon from our Jonah series, Pastor Tim shows us the results of obedience to the revealed will of God in our lives.

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Knowing the Will of God: The Requirements

If you want to know the will of God, there are some requirements you need to follow. Listen along with Pastor Tim as he takes us through Psalm 25 and talks about being in the center of God’s will.

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Jonah: A Second Chance Ride on Regurgitation

Pastor Tim looks at Jonah 2 to help us understand lessons from Jonah’s experience with the big fish.

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Knowing the Will of God: The Obvious

Some aspects of God’s will are plainly laid out in Scripture. In this sermon, Pastor Tim examines some of them and gives us some practical help in staying in God’s will.

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Jonah: How to Get Out of God’s Will

In this first message from the book of Jonah, Pastor Tim talks about ways that we can get ourselves out of the will of God.

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Knowing the Will of God: First Things First

Finding and doing the will of God can be tough. In this introductory message, Pastor Tim demystifies the concept of God’s will some and gives us practical advice to help us navigate this topic.

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Don’t Miss This Gift

The gift of eternal life is the best gift that’s ever offered, but many people reject it. Pastor Tim shows us how the love of God motivates him to offer the gift of eternal life and how we can take advantage of it.

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The Greatest Dangers to Our Life of Faith

From John 11, Pastor Tim examines the life of Martha and exposes three common hindrances to our faith.

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Making Sense of Our Suffering Part 2

Romans 8:28 is arguably the most comforting verse in all the Bible. Listen as Pastor Tim applies this verse to the suffering we experience in our lives.

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Making Sense of Our Suffering

On the heels of some tragedy in our church family, Pastor Tim preaches about difficulty and suffering in our lives.

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Message from Dr. Paul Negrut

Dr. Paul Negrut is the senior pastor of the largest evangelical church in Europe, Emmanuel Baptist Church, in Romania. Listen to him share about his life and ministry with our church.

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God’s Good Plan for Your Life

When life is difficult it’s hard to believe God has a plan. Pastor Tim walks through Ephesians 3:20-21 and helps us see God’s plan for our lives.

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Why Children Matter

The sanctity of human life is an important issue in our society today. This sermon from Pastor Tim and some powerful testimonies show God’s great heart of love for children.

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Living in the Last Days

The reality that Jesus is coming again has implications for how Christians live their lives. Pastor Tim uses several passages in the Bible to help us understand the impact of this reality.

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Learning to Live a Careful Life

God has a call on Christians to live a different life. Ephesians 5 has a lot to say that can help us start the new year out right.

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Why Christmas Never Ends

After the Christmas season passes, many of us are left wondering if that’s all there was. We long for more. In this sermon from Matthew 1, Pastor Tim shows us that Christmas doesn’t end with Christmas.

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