Message from Dr. Paul Negrut

Dr. Paul Negrut is the senior pastor of the largest evangelical church in Europe, Emmanuel Baptist Church, in Romania. Listen to him share about his life and ministry with our church.

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God’s Good Plan for Your Life

When life is difficult it’s hard to believe God has a plan. Pastor Tim walks through Ephesians 3:20-21 and helps us see God’s plan for our lives.

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Why Children Matter

The sanctity of human life is an important issue in our society today. This sermon from Pastor Tim and some powerful testimonies show God’s great heart of love for children.

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Living in the Last Days

The reality that Jesus is coming again has implications for how Christians live their lives. Pastor Tim uses several passages in the Bible to help us understand the impact of this reality.

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Learning to Live a Careful Life

God has a call on Christians to live a different life. Ephesians 5 has a lot to say that can help us start the new year out right.

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Why Christmas Never Ends

After the Christmas season passes, many of us are left wondering if that’s all there was. We long for more. In this sermon from Matthew 1, Pastor Tim shows us that Christmas doesn’t end with Christmas.

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Defeating the Hopeless Holidays

The holiday season can be a sad and lonely time for many. In this sermon from Luke 2, Pastor Tim gives us some practical help to make it through the season.

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Unity in the Church – Ephesians 4

Unity is something talked about in the Bible, but not always seen in our churches. In this sermon our Minister to Students, Jonathan Couch, talks about unity from Ephesians 4.

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Juicy Fruit: Self-Control – Who’s the Boss?

In the last sermon from the Juicy Fruit series, Pastor Tim examines the characteristic of self-control and how the Holy Spirit creates that in our lives.

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Forgotten Thanksgiving

In the busyness of the holiday season, it’s easy to blow by Thanksgiving and not pause to be thankful for all that God has done for us. This sermon from Luke 17 helps us regain our focus on Thanksgiving.

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Juicy Fruit: Understanding Gentleness

Gentleness is a character quality that’s often misunderstood. Pastor Tim helps us see gentleness in the life of Jesus and how we can apply that to our lives.

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Not My Own: The Great Celebration

In the final sermon from our Not My Own series, Pastor Tim encourages us from 1 Chronicles 29 to be committed to the task that God has given us.

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Juicy Fruit: Love in Action

Where do kindness and gentleness come from and how do we cultivate these characteristics in our lives? Pastor Tim addresses those issues in the sermon from our Juicy Fruit sermon series entitled Love in Action.

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Not My Own: A Willing Servant

Are you part of church for what it can give you or what you can give to it? In this sermon from the Not My Own series, Pastor Tim gives some background about the capital campaign as well as teach us about servanthood in the church.

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Not My Own: Worship

A response to a powerful morning of worship at GraceLife, this mini-sermon talks about what our corporate should look like

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Juicy Fruit: The Pursuit of Patience

In this message from the Juicy Fruit series, Pastor Tim looks at the issue of patience and how God develops that in our lives.

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Not My Own: A Devoted Follower

In the second message from our series entitled “Not My Own”, Pastor Tim examines the characteristics of followers of Christ.

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Not My Own

In this introductory sermon from the Not My Own series, Pastor Tim explores what life looks like in light of the reality that Christ has purchased us for Himself.

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Releasing the Blessings

Pastor Gary preaches from Malachi 3 to help us understand how the command to tithe applies to the church today.

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Why the Church Will Never Fail

Pastor Tim uses Matthew 16 to help us understand the significance of the church and why, despite many obstacles, it will never fail.

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