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Our Journey: A Journey of Anticipation

Abraham’s journey with God included a lot of unknowns, just like our walk with Christ. In this sermon Pastor Tim shows how Abraham’s journey included unfamiliar places, uncertain plans, and unidentified problems but led to unexpected provision and undiscovered praises.

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Guardrails, Week Five: We Value Global Impact

In this message from our Guardrails series, Pastor Sean shows us the importance of our church having an impact outside of our own faith community. The Whole Church with the power of the Whole Gospel for the Whole World makes for a global impact!

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Helping My Church Be a Faithful Church

We all want to be a part of a faithful church family, yet we don’t always remember that every church is a reflection of the people who make it up. The apostle Paul commended the Thessalonian church for their faithfulness in following Christ. In this look at Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians, we learn some practical questions to ask ourselves about helping our church to be a faithful church.

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Guardrails, Week Three: We Value Active Faith

A genuine faith is an active faith. In this sermon from our core values series, Pastor Jonathan shows us the natural progression of a disciple of Jesus and how we can make sure we keep moving on the pathway of discipleship.

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Guardrails, Week Two: We Value Life Change

Our church’s core values function like guardrails to keep us from straying outside of the path that God has placed us on. In this second sermon from our Guardrails series, Pastor Sean shows how we value life change that comes from a relationship with Jesus.

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An Audience With God

Does God hear and respond to every prayer of every person? While He is always a gracious and merciful Father, Scripture is clear that the condition of one’s heart has a great deal to do with the effectiveness of their prayers. Here we explore the kinds of prayers God will not answer and some Biblical encouragement to guide the way we pray.

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Guardrails, Week One: It’s All About Jesus

Guardrails are critical to keep us from drifting off course and into potentially dangerous areas. In the same way, our church’s core values serve to keep us on the path that God has laid out for us. In this message Pastor Tim shows us how the guardrail of “Jesus above everything” gives our church focus in how we live and minister.

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Learning to Treasure God’s Word

As shepherd and king, David had learned the surpassing value in his life of God’s word. As newborn babies crave a mother’s milk, God’s children should have a longing for His truth. Here are five simple and practical ways we can begin to “treasure” God’s Word in our own lives.

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