Custodian Needed


Job Description


25-30 hours per week; minimum 3 days per week


Purpose of Position:

The appearance of our facility, both in and out, is a significant influencer on the first impression guests have about the church. Therefore, we are looking for a proactive and efficient church custodian, who possesses an understanding of proper cleaning methods and the value of a clean and inviting facility. The custodian will ensure that all publicly accessible areas of the office and church are clean and ready for use by the staff and congregation.



  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Custodial experience is preferred, but not required.
  • Understanding of cleaning techniques and safety procedures.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs., set up tables, move stacks of chairs.
  • Pass a background check and pre-employment drug screening.
  • Strong/good communication, comprehension, and interpersonal skills.
  • Flexibility to adjust their schedule to suit the needs of the church.
  • Motivation to work independently or with others to provide thorough, efficient custodial services to the church.



  • Maintain all carpeted surfaces in office and main building by vacuuming, spot cleaning, and extracting, as needed.
  • Scrub tile and gym floors.
  • Set-up, stock, and straighten all classrooms (stock with hand towels/soap)
  • Ensure all paper product, soap, and hand sanitizer dispensers are full.
  • Sanitize work surfaces and toys.
  • Empty trash in the office and church.
  • Make minor repairs.
  • Schedule and coordinate contactors for more involved repairs and maintenance.
  • Maintain supply inventory and submit purchase requests.
  • Assist with event preparations, such as weddings and funerals.
  • Assist with UPWARD clean-up on Saturday afternoons.
  • Coordinate with other custodial staff in the completion of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Adjust thermostats when necessary to accommodate changes in the church schedule.



  • Exhibits professionalism, demonstrated by well-groomed appearance, conscientious work ethic, teachability, and accountability.
  • Capable and willing to work at a fast pace, within a variety of settings and circumstances, with composure and flexibility.
  • Exercises discernment and wise/good judgment.
  • Gives careful attention to details, with an eye for excellence.
  • Takes initiative to seek new information, training, and resources as needed.
  • Capable of multi-tasking and prioritizing projects.
  • Capable of working independently, with minimal instruction and supervision, and seeing tasks through to completion, in a timely manner.


DEADLINES: (Blue-shaded tasks can be done at any time in the week)

Tuesday 9:00 am:

All foyers, hallways, stairwells, and classrooms used by homeschool co-op must be spot vacuumed and straightened.

Tuesday 6:00 pm:

Downstairs foyers, hallways, and stairwells must be vacuumed and straightened (after co-op).

Wednesday 6:00 pm:

All foyers, hallways, classrooms, and stairwells must be vacuumed, straightened and stocked and classrooms setup.

Thursday 6:00 pm:

Downstairs foyers, hallways, and stairwells must be vacuumed and straightened (after MOPS).

Friday 5:30 pm:

Downstairs foyers, hallways, and stairwells must be vacuumed and straightened.

Sunday 8:00 am:

All foyers, hallways, classrooms, and stairwells must be vacuumed, straightened and stocked and classrooms be set-up.

Foyers, hallways, classrooms, and stairwells in the main building, and the office must be thoroughly vacuumed (other deadlines are for spot vac)

Two hours must be spent on spotting/extracting carpets



Every Saturday during Upward Session (early January through early March) is mandatory, beginning 15 minutes prior to end of last game to the locking-up of the building.

Order of tasks:

  1. Prepare cleaning chemicals, gather machines and supplies
  2. Clear gym of chairs, benches, tables, etc.
  3. Gather trash, dust mop, and sweep/vacuum trash from under chair stacks
  4. Auto-scrub gym
  5. Vacuum downstairs foyers, hallways, and stairwells
  6. Take out trash in foyers and downstairs bathrooms
  7. Clean toilets, sinks, mirrors and touch surfaces in bathrooms and mop and stock them
  8. Clean glass doors and water fountains in foyers
  9. Auto-scrub downstairs bathrooms, foyers, and sides of gym where chairs were stacked
  10. Rinse machines and lock building


**New employees will be subject to a 3 month probationary period and subsequent employee review by the Senior Pastor or his designee. 


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